Leading TV Designer Creates a Pergola Using Cypress Timbers

The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association (SCMA) recently collaborated with renowned designer Vicki Payne on her popular home improvement series, “For Your Home,” a national television show about decorating, renovating, and infusing your home and life with classic style. As part of the newest season, Payne guided viewers through the renovation of a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, which included the construction of a magnificent cypress pergola.

The project’s goal, according to Payne, was to transform a 30-year-old brick home into a contemporary abode, and outdoor living areas were an important component of its overall look and function. In episode 3007, available on-demand at www.ForYourHome.com or on local PBS TV stations, Payne discusses her reasons for choosing cypress, as well as the construction of the pergola.

“I chose cypress for our pergola because of the beauty of the wood, but primarily because of the wood’s durability,” Payne explained. “It has its own built-in chemical—it’s called cypressene—and what it does is it makes the wood really expel insects and wood rot…It’s not like the products that you might use that have to be pressure treated…It’s going to really last.”

For Payne, the cypress offered clean lines with strong features that allowed her to design a 10-foot-tall pergola, requiring minimum cross supports and brackets. “The timbers provided a striking contemporary design,” she said, “and the result is truly stunning.”

“I hear wonderful comments about the pergola from everyone who visits the home,” Payne added. “They especially like to touch the wood and always ask what type it is. I get a kick out of what we were able to create using cypress.”

To watch episodes or learn more about “For Your Home,” visit www.ForYourHome.com.

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