Making the Transition from House to Home

Whether talking new construction or refreshing an existing space, if you’re looking to transform that “roof over your head” into a warm and flourishing home, the experts say it’s all in the details. It’s the architectural elements—specifically those crafted from natural materials, like cypress—that transition a house into an extraordinary home. So, take it from these pros, and let the metamorphosis begin!

“When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming aesthetic in a home, there’s nothing quite like cypress,” says Mark Tuck of the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association. “Its distinctive beauty and extreme versatility make cypress a unique material, and one that can be used to create striking architectural details.”

Take it from the top

Look up! From the simple charm of tongue-and-groove to the intricate depth of coffered ceilings, today’s savvy interior designers are using wood to add visual interest to otherwise flat, dull ceilings. Topping the list is Charlotte, North Carolina-based designer Vicki Payne Donatelli, who frequently relies on cypress when adding decorative ceilings to her high-end home designs.

“I’ve worked with cypress many times and love its aesthetic and practical qualities,” Payne Donatelli says. “For ceiling treatments, I tend to pair cypress planks with structural cypress beams. And whether talking about great rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, a cypress ceiling can have a dramatic effect on the look of a room. The result is always stunning.”

Take a look around

A fresh coat of paint may be a quick and easy fix for lackluster walls. However, the latest design trends are pulling out all the stops with an elegant, yet comforting approach to your living spaces! For award-winning home builder Stephen Ellis of MGB Fine Custom Homes in Sarasota, Florida, the buzzword is “shiplap.” And according to Ellis, “Adding a shiplap cypress wall can create a beautiful backdrop and focal point in any room.

“In my experience building luxury homes, owners are increasingly asking for horizontal shiplap paneling with a nickel-sized gap between the boards. And when it comes to selecting which wood to use, I typically recommend cypress, because with its rich texture and grain pattern, it offers one of the most elegant looks.”

Remember, it’s all in the details …

So, take note of what the experts like when it comes to selecting a finish for interior cypress woodwork.

“Some homeowners choose to be bold with paint, while others prefer the subtlety of stain,” Payne Donatelli says. “Because cypress accepts stains so well, in my projects I tend to suggest using a mix of light and dark stains. In that way, you highlight cypress’ honey-like hues, plus introduce some complementary color. It’s an approach that can really enhance a space.”

Ellis agrees and adds, “I like that cypress can take on so many different tones, but my preference is to apply a wax finish over the wood, and let cypress’ natural beauty shine through.”

To make the transition from house to home, and for a closer look at the warmth, beauty and versatility of cypress, visit the photo gallery. And let the metamorphosis begin!

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