Cypress Stars in the “First to the Future Home” Series with Ty Pennington

NG_TyPennington_OfficialProduct_PartnerThe Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association and Atlanta Hardwood Corporation are partnering with NextGenHomeTV on the “First to the Future Home” series with renowned host Ty Pennington. The truly next-generation home, being built in Palm Coast, Florida, will reflect its southern roots by featuring native cypress.

Through the design, construction, and final reveal of the “First to the Future Home,” and host Ty Pennington are showing viewers how to build an energy-efficient, healthy, and smart home. The series highlights the latest products and technologies, as well as traditional building materials such as cypress.

According to Paul Barnett, president and executive producer of, the team selected cypress because of its good looks and long-lasting performance.

“What sets cypress apart is its rich grain, natural durability, and flexibility with choosing a finish,” he said. “There’s something special about the look and feel of wood that makes it appeal to homeowners probably more so than any other material.

“When we began installing the cypress siding and soffit on the exterior of the home, we were blown away by the natural beauty and color of the wood. We liked it so much that we decided to carry it into the interior of the home for some of the ceilings.”

To watch episodes or learn more about the “First to the Future Home,” visit

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