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The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cypress building products to design professionals and consumers. Membership in the SCMA is limited to companies engaged in the manufacture of cypress solid wood products and veneers, as well as those in the business of further processing and distributing these products with the intent to sell.

For more information on the SCMA or to find out how to join, please contact us. For a listing of our members, please see our Buyer’s Guide.


Cypress Promotion Sponsors

The following industry associates have added their financial support to extend the reach of the Association’s promotion efforts.

Brewco, Inc. manufactures horizontal resaws, and is best known for its B-1600 Grade Run-Around System.  The B-1600 uses either a 4” wide or a 2” wide band.  Brewco also manufactures the Big Jake Sharp Chain Scragg System and Auto Edger, Grade Edgers, Trimmers, and Material Handling Equipment.

eLIMBS is a software and hardware solutions provider serving the wood products industry with easy-to-use tools for tracking wood products from the initial standing timber process through the harvesting, production and manufacturing process up to and beyond the point of sale.

ISK Biocides, Inc.
ISK Biocides manufactures and supplies wood stains and preservatives, end coatings and sapstain control chemicals for freshly cut logs and lumber.

McGriff Insurance Services – National Forest Products Practice
McGriff Insurance Services – National Forest Products Practice offers a full range of commercial insurance products designed specifically for the forest products industry. Founded in 1922, McGriff Insurance Services is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the United States.

SII Dry Kilns
SII Dry Kilns, is the leading manufacturer of hardwood kilns in the USA. We offer multiple styles of kilns as well as fan sheds and predryers. From the latest computerized controls to repairs of existing kilns, SII can provide the equipment and services needed.

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