7 Coastal Cues for Your Home

Are you yearning to get back to the sun and sand? If you’re drawn to the seaside style of coastal design, why not bring the look to your own home? The keys to achieving a beachy vibe include incorporating a light palette, strong lines, and natural materials, like cypress. Here are seven ideas to transform […]

Go Natural with Home Décor

Is it time to add style to your home’s décor? If you’re drawn to natural beauty and products that have a story, what can be better than pieces made by nature and crafted by hand? That’s why choosing items made from a Real American Hardwood® species like cypress are a meaningful way to add a […]

Five Treatments to Enhance a Room’s Fifth Wall

Whether it’s a home makeover or new construction, the key to transforming ordinary into distinctive is in the details – namely the wood finishes. Most homeowners or buyers pay close attention to a home’s wood floors and accent walls. But look up and get creative. Ceilings are a blank canvas. Incorporating an attractive wood species […]

The Design Craze that’s Here to Stay

Shiplap—the wall treatment favored by popular home improvement shows—is filling Pinterest boards and continues to top the to-do lists of today’s savvy DIY-ers. Even high-end homebuilders are incorporating it into their upmarket designs. And when crafting a custom shiplap wall, the pros are choosing cypress because of its practicality and stunning good looks. Shiplap Defined […]

6 Easy Room Makeovers with Shiplap

Looking for some creative ways to add pizazz to your home? A pop of color is one way to bring life to a dreary room. But for today’s savvy DIYers and homebuilders, the buzzword is “shiplap.” And choosing an attractive wood species like cypress packs a stylish punch. So whether you’re going for a coastal […]

Fabulous Furniture Upgrades for Your Home

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or simply looking to upgrade the furnishings in your living spaces, solid wood furniture is a smart investment that’ll last a lifetime or more. And when you invest in quality furniture crafted from a real American hardwood like cypress, every piece provides a custom look. Here are five furniture upgrades […]

5 Design Tips to Make “Working from Home” Work for You

These days, many homeowners are finding themselves spending more time working from home. Whether making calls, answering emails, or closing deals, homeowners are searching for comfortable areas to get the job done—and recharge throughout the day. And when it comes to designing these spaces, professionals agree: get creative with natural materials, like cypress. Tuck it […]

Add a Dash of Spice and Style to Your Kitchen

In today’s homes, kitchens serve a multitude of purposes beyond being a space to whip up a meal. They’re the heart of your home; the command center; the family gathering spot. So it’s no wonder why kitchens are where homeowners invest their renovation budget and why homebuyers pay a premium for an updated look. And […]

Stylish Furniture Finds for Your Home

Take a look around your home. Does your dining table show signs of wear and tear? Is your work-from-home setup not getting the job done? Does your bedroom furniture look a little shabby and not quite chic? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then it might be time to upgrade. And there’s no better […]